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I Sought Aid Waterproof Die-Cut Sticker

I Sought Aid Waterproof Die-Cut Sticker

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Meet Rika, our adorably clumsy kawaii sticker star! 🌟 Always finding herself in little mishaps, Rika's latest adventure involves a tiny tumble, but she's still all smiles and cuteness overload. Perfect for adding a dash of charm to your journals, laptops, or coffee cups, Rika represents the joy in embracing our perfectly imperfect selves. At Artsy Life Studio, we celebrate every quirk with our handcrafted, sustainable, and utterly adorable kawaii stickers. Dive into the world of Rika and let her bring a sprinkle of fun and empathy to your day. Remember, each sticker is a piece of art, crafted with love and a commitment to quality and honesty. Bring Rika into your life and let her turn every oops into awws! 🎨💕


Care Instructions

Clean surface free of dust and debris for the best stick. Sticks best on smooth, flat, nonporous surfaces

Product Details

Stickers are waterproof and UV resistant.

Material Used Matte Vinyl Sticker Paper and matte laminate

Approx. 1.25in width by 3in Varies slightly as they are hand cut.

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