About Me

Welcome to Artsy Life Studio! I am the one woman show for creating, making, and packing your orders!

My Name is Ruby!

I am the founder and creator of Stevie and his onions. After my Dad died I realized I had no photos of him in my phone or from my polaroid camera. So I decided to take my love for art and my love for family and combine them into a small business! Sweeten up your life with a touch of Cute and Kawaii in your everyday products. I hope you enjoy and I appreciate all of your support! I print, cut, pack and Ship all orders myself!

Meet the Parris Family

Meet Stevie and his 4 children from left to right it's Minato, Noriko, Stevie, Rika, and Fumiko! This family loves to share their lives and all the shenanigans they encounter through life.